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Barrier Free Showers

In general, when installed properly, Barrier Free shower stalls are level or slightly above the finished floor ( 1/2”-3/4” beveled threshold) allowing elderly, individuals with disabilities and physical challenges as well as individuals of all ability levels, easier and safe access to independent bathing.

Ideal for both residential remodelling and commercial applications, our Barrier free showers offer numerous heights in both beveled and traditional threshold styles to accommodate different installation requirements for creating a wheelchair accessible Roll in shower or a Walk in accessible shower stall.

Featuring easy snap-in-place installation for multi piece models, our Barrier Free Shower Stalls are available in many different styles and colours with size configurations specifically designed to allow bathroom or shower remodelling with minimal alterations to existing structures (frame, plumbing, drain, etc.) thus saving both time and money.

Made from fibreglass with attractive and easy to clean gelcoat finish, our Barrier Free shower stalls feature reinforced pre levelled bases eliminating the need for mud setting and fully encased plywood walls allowing for placement of safety bars and seats anywhere on the unit to suite individual needs and preferences.

Backed by a 30 year limited warranty and with many size and design options available in both single and multi piece unit models, our Barrier Free showers are sure to provide a safe, lasting and enjoyable bathing environment for individuals of all abilities.

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