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ADA Compliant Showers

The ADA ( American with Disabilities Act ) and ADAAG guidelines provide standards for accessibility for public and commercial bathing facilities for individuals with disabilities.

Ideal for commercial barrier free bathroom applications, our ADA showers are designed and manufactured to comply with ADA specifications and requirements and are backed by a 30 year limited warranty

When equipped with required ADA accessories, our ADA showers are handicapped accessible and ADA compliant providing individuals with disabilities and physical challanges as well as individuals of all ability levels, safe access to independent bathing.

ADA showers fall in two distinct groups: ADA roll-in showers and ADA transfer showers

ADA Roll-in showers are wheel chair accessible and have minimum inside dimensions of 60” x 30” or higher in some jurisdictions, providing adequate room for wheel chair accessibility and manoeuvrability.

ADA Transfer showers have minimum inside dimension of 36” x 36” and are designed to provide handicapped and physically challanged individuals with easy transfer from wheel chair to the shower bench on their own or with the help of a care giver.

Both our ADA Roll-in showers and ADA Transfer showers feature barrier free curbs (thresholds) less than 1/2” or flush with the floor and are designed and built to meet required specifications for wheel chair accessible Roll in shower or wheelchair accessible Transfer Shower installations in public places.

Made from fibreglass with attractive and easy to maintain gelcoat finish, our ADA showers feature reinforced pre levelled non slip bases eliminating the need for mud setting and fully encased plywood walls allowing for easy placement and adjustment of safety bars, seats and other accessories to comply with applicable current and future ADA requirements

Our ADA showers can be fully packaged with either factory installed or at the job site installed accessories required to meet ADAAG guidelines ( shower seat, safety bars, etc)

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