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Easy Step Showers

As we age we become less mobile and more prone to slip and fall injuries typical in a poorly designed bathroom environment. These injuries can take long time to heel with further negative impact on our mobility making bathroom safety an important consideration for creating and maintaining a healthy life style environment.

Our Easy Step showers or remodeller showers feature easy to step over traditional thresholds in the 3” to 6” inch range and are ideal for retrofitting existing bathrooms to increase safety and maintain independence when showering

With simple snap-in-place design and sizes specifically tailored to fit existing home bath tub and shower foot prints, our multi unit Easy Step accessible shower stalls are built to facilitate easy installation with minimal alterations to existing structures (plumbing, frame etc) thus saving both time and money

Made from fibreglass with attractive and easy to clean gelcoat finish, our Easy Step showers feature reinforced pre levelled slip resistant bases eliminating the need for mud setting, as well as fully encased plywood walls allowing for placement of safety bars and seats anywhere on the unit to suite individual needs and preferences.

With many sizes, stiles and both standard and designer colours to choose from, our Easy Step shower stalls provide a safe and functional bathing solution for all family members without compromising on style.

All Easy Step showers are backed by a 30 year limited warranty

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